Get Involved

You can participate in our seminars, fora, webinars, and other activities. You can join these activities by sending us an email or by dropping a message on any of our social media pages. You may also sign up for our Human Rights Certificate Course. 

AHRC has worked with government agencies, the business sector and civil society organizations to collaborate on different projects, such as research, training, and policy review. AHRC has also been commissioned to provide training services on various topics, i.e. gender sensitivity trainings, child sensitivity trainings, and policy writing & development. We are open to partnerships and collaborations for projects related to human rights and other pressing issues. We can act as an implementor, facilitator, or consultant for projects by the government, business, or CSOs.

We are also open for partnerships to replicate our internship program for law students and legal referral hubs.

Check this page for our announcements for work opportunities. We also welcome college and law student interns to join our immersion programs.
Help spread the word about what AHRC does and how we can better protect, support, and respect human rights. Share our statements in your network. Our research and publication can also be used as reference materials developing your own program and advocacy work.