Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Network (CAPIN)
December 22, 2020

AHRC, with support from Consuelo Foundation, is implementing programs related to CAPIN in San Jose de Buenavista from March to December 2020 with the following objectives: To facilitate the organizational development of CAPIN Antique, to strengthen its existing mechanisms for coordination, partnerships and network building, and to enhance its capacity for case management, provision of support services to children, and child rights advocacy.

CAPIN is a community-based child protection advocacy of Consuelo Foundation promoting child-sensitive systems and structures in the management of child abuse cases. It is a privately-led network that empowers and support the LGUs. Its end goal is the establishment of a systematic collaboration of various stakeholders who are involved in child prevention and intervention. It is aimed at invigorating and supporting at any level of LGUs structures, policies, and programs for child abuse, prevention and intervention.

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