Call for Applicants from Visayas and Mindanao for Collaboratory
January 9, 2021

Collaboratory is a short certificate course for human rights lawyers, investigators, and documentors to discuss and explore sustainable, innovative, and collaborative approaches to addressing human rights challenges.

Collaboratory will run from February to May 2021. Beginning the first week of February to the last week of April, the participants will be provided weekly training videos from notable resource persons on various human rights issues and practical knowledge to help them in their human rights work. Weekly live sessions with the resource persons will be conducted for ideas sharing. For the duration of Collaboratory, the participants are expected to analyze present human rights issues, develop innovative ideas, and contribute solutions. The program aims to translate the ideas born out of this collaborative avenue for CHR employees and CSO workers into actual projects that can benefit communities, organizations, and even systems.

In May 2021, participants will be given the opportunity to work on their ideas and test solutions. A certificate of completion will be awarded to participants who have completed the course.

Qualifications for Participants

For CSO Applicants

  1. Must be a member of good standing of any CSO that investigates human rights violations or is involved in dealing directly with human rights violations victims;
  2. Must be dedicated to personal growth and development; and
  3. Must have a strong commitment to the cause of human rights .

For CHR Applicants

  1. Must have a permanent appointment;
  2. Must have rendered at least 2 years of service in the CHR and experience in investigation and documentation of human rights violations and EJK cases;
  3. Must have a performance rating of Very Satisfactory for at least 2 consecutive rating periods; and
  4. Must have a strong commitment to the cause of human rights.

Applicants from CSOs must accomplish the online application form and submit their CV here:

Applicants from CHR must submit their CV to with the subject title “Collaboratory.

Application.” Deadline for Applications is on January 15, 2021.

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